wishing you all a

happy & heathy

New Year x

Hopefully you've all had a 'make the most of it', happy & safe Christmas, whilst a tad frustrating.


As and when we feel comfortable, we can't wait to resume our drive through takeaway service again.

Whilst your support is absolutely imperative for our business, we also want to be sensible.

Not only considering the current drama, (sorry situation), whilst it's cold, dark and icy outside it would be irresponsible encouraging you guys to make unnecessary journeys. 

So please during the next few cold weeks, stay home, stay warm, stay safe. 


Please call our mobile 07972865757 anytime, if you feel that you are isolated, unable to get out or just fancy a social distancing sherry and a chinwag from the bottom of your drive, this doesn't include you lot with a 3mile drive... 

We are supporting our suppliers and they are supporting us. Emergency supplies, such as Gin, Wine, Beer and Bread can be arranged. (MUST BE PREORDERED) 

Please sign up to our mailing list below and we can keep in touch.

In the meantime - stay at home, stay safe, stay heathy, keep warm, wash those hands, if you consider it essential to leave your house, don't forget to wear your designer mask, most importantly, keep as much distance from your partner, loved one, flatmate or children at all times. Crickey the list goes on...

Please don't forget about us, see you wonderful people really, really soon. 

keep in touch...
The Iron Duke, Fairoak Lane, Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, RG7 2EH - info@the-ironduke.com - 01189 331341 
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